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Richard Morgan Lead Mandolin (RM-4)

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This extraordinary mandolin features the signature Richard Morgan pre-tensioned divergent pieces soundboard, quick-release tailpiece and head stock and is made of special/exotic wood found in Tasmania.

Its sound response is clear or bell tone with fewer overtones, balanced response from bass to treble, impressive sustain and attack with more volume than most.

Luthier’s lifetime warranty.

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  • Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan loved the sound and music of mandolins long before he knew what they were.  Richard was born in 1957 in Sidney, Australia and the mandolins and guitars he designs and builds are the distillation of many years of careful design work. His unique instruments open up a whole new range of sonic possibilities within a very durable design. He now resides in Mt Isa, Australia where he builds a variety of mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins, mandocellos and guitars, and continuously innovates and he occasionally blogs at theMandolinTuner.


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340mm (13 11/32 inches)


King Billy Pine from Tasmania

Soundboard Design

Custom soundholes, Lattice Bracing, Pre-tensioned divergent pieces


Pre-tensioned divergent pieces, Queensland Maple from Australia


Full contact, Non-adjustable



Finish & Binding

Australian designed post cure shellac finish, Solidwood binding


24 frets, Ebony, Stainless steel fretwire


A mandolin golden keys, Open Headstock with horizontal tuners, Tasmanian Myrtle


Jarrah from western Australia, Dorrel, Celery-top pine from Tasmania, Soft v-neck shape

Neck Design

Floating, Removable

Nut width

33mm (1 5/16 inches)


Queensland Maple from Australia


.10 .14 .24 .38, Light


Cast Bronze, Pin Hinged



Total length

660mm (25,98 inches)

Body (LxWxD)

305mm x 250mm x 70mm

Body Depth (incl. bridge)

105mm (4.14 inches)


Lifetime of the luthier, Plan includes any defect in workmanship and doesn't include misuse


Richard Morgan

1 review for Richard Morgan Lead Mandolin (RM-4)

  1. Nina Gampa, Crete

    A few months ago I became the lucky owner of this special instrument.
    Though I’m an amateur mandolin player, I had the great chance to participate in several concerts during last summer where I had to interact with real musicians in different music ensembles. I would have never been able to respond to these circumstances without Mr. Morgan’s mandolin.
    The quality of the sound is excellent, exactly as mentioned in the description. Apart from all the great features, its impressive volume really helped me because I could always hear myself (even if there was no monitor close to me on stage) during the live performances and that made me feel secure as in two of the ensembles I participated in I had to play next to instruments such as accordion, flute, double bass, violin even a trumpet.
    Also this mandolin is so balanced! I am truly in love with its lower tones; crystal clear and velvety! All the strings produce a full, sweet, professional quality sound.
    I participated in concerts with a mandolin ensemble, an ensemble that plays traditional music from all over Greece and an ensemble that plays folk music from Ireland to Turkey and Syria. This instrument is perfect from all kinds of music and all styles of technique.
    And another thing; its unique, special design is obvious. But when I bought it, I was surprised to see that it’s really even more beautiful than the photos. Every single detail on it “shouts” QUALITY. It’s a piece of art luthiery and I am so happy to have one of my own.
    It has a very pleasant smell (yes, smell!), too, which is a bonus I didn’t expect!

    It took me a really long time to decide which instrument to buy. I was at first skeptic to buy an instrument via internet. However, Christos, whom I knew from , is the greatest guy. Though he is very busy, he is always there to answer all your questions. He was very patient with me and I am more than thankful. Now that the whole procedure is over, I totally recommend this site, if you want to buy one of these really extraordinary instruments. It is 100% reliable. The customer’s service is great. The mandolin made its long journey from Tasmania to my hands, in the island of Crete, in a perfect condition.
    One of the greatest pleasures in my life is to play for myself with my Richard Morgan mandolin. It inspires me to study harder. This mandolin is not only a value for money instrument; it is a lifetime companion, my dream that came true.
    I thank Mr. Morgan and Christos Rizos for that.

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