Project Description

What Makes Them So Special?


Unique soundboard design by Richard Morgan, lattice braced, each of the divergent pieces is under tension to form an S curve….if the tension were removed they would return to being straight. The tension or torsion is what “enlivens” most soundboards and this is a different way of achieving it.

These are instruments with an attitude. They have amazing power and sustain that can not be achieved with other traditional soundboards. They are excellent for playing with large orchestras or bands, but are equally impressive for solos as they have a very sweet tone.

Design & Materials



Lattice braced, each of the divergent pieces is under tension to form an S curve to “enliven” it.


Crafted with a combination of ebony and carbon fiber and does not require a truss rode.

Headstock & Tailpiece

Add a distinguished look but are also very practical and allow easy string-changing.

10-string cittern front one third


Crafted with Tasmanian woods. King Billy pine, a Tasmanian endemic softwood tree  is used for soundboard and backs.


Carbon fiber is used in the neck and soundboard joints for stiffness and improved reliability.


Cast bronze tailpiece is hand made and exquisite.




10 strings


640mm scale


Embedded Pickup

Richard Morgan citterns have 10 strings and are tuned cCgGDDAAEE with the low C and G string pairs in octaves that produce a distinct and fuller sound in the lower registers. Alternatively the octave strings can be replaced with unison strings to produce a more “classical” sound. The body width is 410mm at the “hips” and 300mm at the waist, the scale is 640mm and the total length is 1020mm. The embedded pickup is an extra to let you hook up easily to an amplifier or PA.

Hand Made


Each instrument is made differently creating a personal and effective tool for the musician. Efficiency in making is important but secondary to the concern for quality, which for hand made instruments is all about sound and playability, as a really well made instrument almost plays itself.

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