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I have a Richard Morgan Mandola. I play celtic music with it. Beautiful tone, great sustain and punch. It is loud enough to be heard at the local pub without amplification. Lovely for melody, chords and counter melody. I have had many positive comments about its sound and Richard’s craftsmanship. Richard has also given good follow up service with regards to restringing.
I highly recommend Richard and his instruments.
Helen Snibson
… this Richard Morgan lead mandolin is so balanced! I’m truly in love with it’s deep bass notes, crystal and velvety! All stringsproduce full, sweet, professional-quality sound …

Nina, Creta
I am no mandolin player, but when I simply plucked the strings of the mandocello displayed by Richard at StringFest, Deloraine, in 2014 I was astounded by the depth and strength of the sound it made. I was drawn by the unique shape and build of the soundboards, which Richard said took him 25 years to perfect.
Geoff Iliff
I bought one of Richard Morgans first designs of these mandolins and it has the most amazing sound! I bet these new designs are even better. Great luthier!