A new lead mandolin RM-4 Richard Morgan just arrived all the way from Tasmania to be included in ExtraordinaryInstruments. We were very happy and curious to see the new instrument that Richard has made, especially as it is the first of its kind. Smaller body but big sound. Ha!

 RM-L1 in the box

The mandolin arrived in a small box, too small to believe that it contained a music instrument. Guess that we were wrong. The wooden box that Richard made is excellent. Good protection and low weight and footprint.
RM-L1 with Alexandra

Everybody wanted to see the new mandolin, but we had to be first, right? Well, yes, but it turned out that we weren’t. Alexandra was quicker and more convincing. She even asked for a selfie with it. Imagine that!

(She knew she would have us convinced with that trick)

RM-L1 comparison

We were very curious to compare this new beauty with the other 8-string mandolin from Richard Morgan that we currently have, the ones that have a larger body. It is smaller! But we like it! (It does not matter what size it is, just what sound it produces).


This small guy is extraordinary, that is why it will be added in ExtraordinaryInstruments, before it is sent to its owner. Oh, yes, it has an owner already. We know. We are thinking the same thing too. We will not say it though. But you may as well do. At the comments.