A new octave mandolin has arrived with a unique design by Richard Morgan. This instrument combines distinctive looks with power, and excellent sustain with sweet tone. The quality of the materials and the experience of the craftsman results to a sonic character that urges you to play.

Some info about the design

The soundboard is lattice braced, with each of the divergent pieces under tension to form an S curve….if the tension were removed they would return to being straight. The tension or tortion is what “enlivens” most soundboards and this is a different way of achieving it.

The tailpiece is made of cast bronze and pin-hinged; this tail-piece adds a more distinguished look and provides ease of ball-end string-changing.

The headstock is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, allowing easier and faster change of strings with its open design and horizontal tuners.

The neck  has a floating design, which is very impressive. It is removable for travelling and it also has adjustable action that is very convenient and indeed impressive.

Materials and wood

All timbers used in the body are chosen for their sound,stability and beauty.

Sound Board is pretensioned King Billy Pine which grows above the snow line in some parts of Tasmania.

Back and sides are Queensland Maple which is a very beautiful timber that helps to add a warm clear tone.

All the timbers in the neck are very hard and very strong with excellent resonant qualities. The core of the neck has carbon fiber anchored to it. The headstock is laminated Tasmanian Myrtle. The light coloured timber in the neck is another Tasmanian timber called Celery Top Pine. One of the unique properties of this timber is its minimal shrinkage between green and seasoned.

Ebony is used for the fret board, neck join block, internal compression bar, trim and bridge. The bridge uses the same principals as a violin bridge which improves sound quality.

Last but not least is the finish which is another Australian designed product which is a post cure hard shellac. This product is flexible giving a natural sound and it is heat and water resistant. It is definitely worth the 3 week wait for this product to cure.

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