We are happy to announce that we received a large body 8-string mandolin (GGDDAAEE) from Richard Morgan that is a beauty, plays very well and has excellent tone and sustain. The instrument quick specs:

Scale: 380mm (12.46 “) length
Neck: 8 fret, 33 mm neck width at nut
Body: 300mm (11.81″)W / 80mm (3.15 “)D
Strings: 8 (GGDDAAEE)

It features the signature Richard Morgan lattice braced, pretensioned, divergent timber top, solid body plates from Tasmanian King Billy pine, combination of ebony with carbon fiber neck, ebony fingerboard, king billy pine bridge, gold original tuning heads, pick-up and quick-release tailpiece. The sound response can be described as:

  • Clear or bell tone with fewer overtones.
  • Balanced response from bass to treble.
  • Impressive sustain and attack with more volume than most.

You can read more here.