After more than 10 years of research and experimentation on a floating sound board, bridges and sound properties, Australian luthier Richard Morgan has evolved the design of his instruments creating unique modular designs for his instruments.

They also look fantastic, so check the video for more!

Unique Features

  • A floating sound board , interchangeable very easily, producing amazing sustain
  • Single-point fixed bridge, solving the intonation issues of mandolins due to their moving bridges
  • Mute, allowing silent playing but also long term storage of mandolins without soundboard fatigue
  • Removable neck, for easier maintenance but also shipping
  • Adjustable action, to match any player’s preferences.

Floating Sound board

This is an brilliant feature, an evolution of the resonators of the previous century, but engineered to be easy to maintain and to fit wooden instruments.

This inspiring work extends the lifecycle of musical instruments, as the sound board is well known to be a sensitive part of any stringed instrument. It also allows to change the sonic qualities of an instrument with a very easy procedure, easier than changing strings!